Q: What’s the biggest goal you want to achieve?

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woohyun in the kitchen

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I promised that I’d have set up another giveaway as soon as possible and this time I even reached my first considerable milestone, so it’s like celebrating with all my followers. I hadn’t a lot of money but my korean friend helped me as always so you can see some addictions and some changes from the previous giveaway. As always, just the winners will receive something but I hope I make you people a bit more hopeful and happy with my giveaways anyway, I always hope that my giveaways are won by someone who really can’t afford buying merchandise. As always it’s a 90% shineexo giveaway because my blog is shineexo (does it make sense, doesn’t it?), below you can find the items and the rules. I even added a f.a.q with all the questions that some of you asked during the previous giveaway. Don’t delete this text, thanks.

I t e m s:
- shinee’s sherlock album (onew vers.)
- shinee’s everybody goods notebook (like these)
- shinee’s sherlock notebook (everyone but minho)

shinee’s first concert shinee world in seoul DVD
shinee’s japan arena tour  boys meet u 2013 DVD new
- shinee’s boys meet u (cd and dvd)
- shinee’s the misconceptions of me (or you)
- shinee’s everybody (with poster)

- exo’s calendar 2014
- exo’s miracles in december album (m/k versions)
- exo’s mama (exok and exom)
- exo’s xoxo repackage (kiss + hug)
- exo’s overdose mini album (m/k + random photocard + poster) new

- exo’s first box (+ earphone cable winder) new
- exo’s shirts (size s/m/l, like these)
- exo’s goods: exo planet concert set (book clip, clear file, pen, ear cap, sticker) new

- exo’s earcaps (like these)
- mblaq’s calendar 2013
- mblaq’s blaqstyle
- bts’ mini album skool luv affair (+ photocard) new
- bts’ skool luv affair special addiction (1cd + 2dvds) new

R u l e s:
- to participate, you have to reblog (as much as you want, but don’t spam your followers, it’s not really nice).
no giveaway blogs allowed, i will check.
- you should follow me, but if you have to unfollow me later, i prefer you don’t. this giveaway is planned for my followers anyway.
likes don’t count.
do not delete this text, i will check!

I n f o:
The winners will be two persons: the first can choose two items from this list or just one if it’s one of those that are in italic + can choose everything (makeup, cds, earrings…), just one item, from kpoptown under 20 euros; the second has two options: 1 choose just one item from the list and choose everything (always one item) from kpoptown under 10 euros or 2 choose one of the items in italic and don’t receive anything from kpoptown. Please, answer my message quickly if you win; the winners have 48 hours to reply. Be sure your askbox is open! / I will ship worldwide, so don’t worry about money and place, it will take a bit of time tho. / Be sure to have your parents approval if you’re still a minor, you have to give me your address and name if you win. / The winner will be chosen by and messaged privately. / You can ask questions in my inbox, but please don’t write too many messages, everything you need to know is in this post. / This giveaway will be deleted if this post doesn’t reach at least 50 notes (just because it’s cool). / For information: daenso 

F. a. q:
1 for no giveaway blogs i mean those blogs that are running a giveaway. it makes sense, doesn’t it? if you have the money to do a giveaway you can’t expect me to make you win, i always prefer if my giveaway is won by someone who can’t buy kpop stuff.
2 when you see in the list paired cds (exemple: overdose m/k or misconception of me/you) it doesn’t mean they are one item, they are two different cds so if you choose both you are choosing two items.
3 everything in that list is brand new, this means that every cds or shirt is still packed because some of them are mine and i don’t unpack cds and some other are from a store.
4 where i didn’t write poster or photocard it doesn’t mean they aren’t there but i’m not sure. since every item is new i guess every one of them has photocards etc but i don’t know for sure. 
5 you can reblog with sideblogs but make sure to let me know what’s your main blog if you win, you should prove me that that sideblog is yours.

Start: 28 june 2014 (GMT+1) End: 28 november 2014 (GMT+1)
the giveaway will last a bit longer this time, til i have a break from my exams and my friend is back from korea.

GOOD LUCK! (if you win, please send me a pic of the items when you receive them, i’d love to see they has been delivered and made you happy ♥)

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do any of you even like my blog or am i just here entertaining myself

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infinite 263/365 ∞ hoya 38/52
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moments when every inspirits who watches these dramas says 'oh!' because it’s an infinite’s song part.1 

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